Please donate towards lifesaving AED's

Please donate towards lifesaving AED's

Useful Links

Below is a list of links that you may find useful.


The cardiac charity SADS UK aims to save lives, providing information, funding research and medical equipment to prevent premature sudden cardiac death. Working in the areas of Research, Prevention and Emergency Care lives have been saved as a direct result of the work of SADS UK. SADS UK holds the Annual National Lifesaver Awards to honour people who have saved lives in the community using CPR and the defibrillator.

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation is to end heartbreak from heart and circulatory diseases. We raise money to research cures and treatments, so we can beat heartbreak forever.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (UK)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest UK (SCA UK) started of as a meeting in a pub in London in 2015 with people attending from far and wide. Soon after an online presense was created so that survivors, their rescuers, friends, family and medical professionals interested in this subject could interact with each other.

The Resuscitation Council (UK)

The Resuscitation Council (UK) exists to promote high-quality, scientific, resuscitation guidelines that are applicable to everybody, and to contribute to saving life through education, training, research and collaboration.

ResusPlus Training

ResusPlus Training is a clinical specialist training provider for First Aid, Resuscitation (CPR) and Medical Emergency Training. ResusPlus Training focuses on providing training for healthcare professionals, businesses, nurseries and educational organisations to enable them to meet their required level of certification.

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